Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Training for sickline

The last couple of weeks to be honest has been a bit of a rollercoaster,  starting with the highs of feeling fit and strong and getting in some good preparation for the sickline worlds, down to the lows of getting an infection in the bursa of my right elbow, having it swell to the size of africa, put in a cast, and told the sickline worlds are a no go and so is physical exertion of any kind for the next few 2 or 3 weeks. Things were looking pretty bleak from my perspective, the whole reason I had been staying here in Europe had become non-existent. Healing progress was slow to say the least, even with the ultra powerful antibiotics, ibprofen and voltaren I was abusing. I went down to Austria anyway to catch up with friends and spend a bit of time outdoors, which was great for the soul. The last couple of days I've also seen a huge improvement in my elbow.
It is now 2 days out from the world champs and I'm writing this from up in Kaufbeuren, Germany, my base for much of the summer, I came back from Austria to the doctor here this morning and walked out with great news. The infection in my arm is almost gone, and even though he thinks paddling this weekend is too soon, he also thinks I might be ok if I give it a go. Just gotta look after it, keep poppin the pills and slapping on the voltaren (otherwise it can come back even worse).
Couldn't keep the smile off my face for much of today, and I head back down to Austria tomorrow evening. I'll get one day on the Wellerbrucke rapids (the race course) before competition, not much I know, but one is better than none. The arm and hand are a little weak but should be ok. Game on!

Here's a few pics from the few days we spent down in Oetz. Couldn't join in the activities so I got out my camera, it was still fun!

The beautiful town of Oetz, home of the Sickline World Champs.

Small towns and villages scattered between the Alps.

Ron and Jamie making the most of the perfect settled weather, about to para-glide from the ski field.

Setin' up.

Ron on his way down to the town you can see bottom left.

Excited much? Jamie's turn.

A little wind is key for the speed wing, if you want to make it over the gondola and into the valley.

Wellerbrucke rapids on the Oetz. The race course doesn't see the light for much of the day.

Sam, Dane and Tomass havin some fun on the upper Wellerbrucke rapids.

Traffic Jam.

Mike D setting up to skim out of the last drop on the race course.

Nick Troutman with Jamie Sutton in tow, practicing their lines.

Sam Sutton testing out the new Bliss-stick "Tuna" on the Wellerbrucke.

The "Tuna" passed its test with flying colours. This boat is fast! Sam scooting towards the finish.

Maxi Siech nailing his boof on the second to last drop of the race course.

The Mystic still does it. Mike D skipping over the top of some holes through the core section.

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